Thursday, August 24, 2006


Hello, and welcome to my blog!
  1. This is what I do (Website Promotion Specialist).
  2. This is a small portion of what I know (experience).
  3. For my comments (I'm sure this will piss someone off)!

I create and promote websites (as stated above). I've been doing this since 1993.

I don't use HTML editors. I am a "real" webmaster! HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script and VB Script (once in a while) are some of the languages I know and use to create a website in Notepad.

I don't use auto-submission software to "promote" a website. I visit each search engine and directory to submit the URL "manually".

Anyone submitting to "over 850 search engines and directories" is using auto-submission software. They "submit your website once per month" to the same search engines and directories and call it "promoting" your website.

Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, ect. use DMOZ Open Directory Project for data. If your "webmaster" repeatedly submits your website to ODP, ODP will ban YOU, not the "webmaster", but YOU! The client! Your site will be banned from the one directory most search engines get their data from.

And it doesn't stop there. Yahoo gets some data from Google. Lycos, MSN and all of the other search engines and directories get some data from each other. Some search engines get data from only Google. Others from Google AND Yahoo.

The point is, I know "how" these things work. I know when (and how) to submit a website (or even one page) to the directories and search engines. Google will list your website higher if it finds your website listed in ODP. But what if Google looks to Lycos and doesn't find your website there? You won't list as high.

Then there's website popularity, Meta-Crawlers, Meta Tags, keywords, descriptions, content and on and on and on.

Any jerk-off can create a website in Front Page or Flash and submit the hell out of it to all of the "850 plus search engines and directories" every day. They may even get "lucky" and get your website listed in the result list.

They'll say, "I promised top-ten listing, and I delivered". They did, for a search query NO ONE will use to find your website. If your company name is Goober Dry Goods and your URL is, you will get top-ten position for "goober", not "dry goods". If I'm looking for dry goods, will I search for "dry goods", or "goober"?

Eventually, all of the search engines will find and index your website. It may take years, but sooner or later, they'll find it. Properly created websites will rank well without submission. A website created in an editor won't.

If you want a website created, SHOP AROUND! Find an "old school" webmaster that knows his/her shit and pay to have it done properly. It doesn't have to be me (though I would highly recommend it), just someone that knows how to create and promote. In most cases, it won't cost any more than having an editor idiot do it.


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